If you’re engaged and looking to make your holiday gift list, we’ve collected some of our most thoughtful wine-country-wedding-inspired gifts for you. Brides and grooms have unique needs during the year they’re planning their wedding. Share with Santa this holiday season.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the greatest inventions of the last century. Allowing us to choose our own treat makes the gift that much better. Somehow, without the big box and bow, the presentation can be lacking. For all fiancées this season, consider gift cards for specific indulgences. Make a collection of date night gift cards that include a gift card for a mani-pedi, dinner at a favorite restaurant and a movie or show. Other creative gift cards could be for the book store where you two met, for a visit to a psychic together or for lingerie.

 Sephora gift card

To maximize impact, present the gift card in a container that could be reused during the wedding weekend. This DIY felt gift card presentation is exactly the touch any bride would appreciate.

Sweet felt gift box


Personalize Me
Whether the initials are changing for the big day or not, a personalized gift gives that recipient an extra level of love.

A robe for getting ready for his or her big day will be appreciated for its useful thoughtfulness. This Turkish cotton robe from Lands End can be customized with pictures, nicknames or initials.

Lands End Robe


Are you a really good friend?  this luxurious Adler robe from Leontine Linens is exactly that kind of over the top gesture that will be remembered forever.

Fancy Monogrammed Robe


Are the intended dog lovers? This dog tote from Pottery Barn is a sweetly stylish way to celebrate their pooch.

Adorable Dog Tote


Finally for personalization, you can’t beat a custom rubber stamp. There’s just something so satisfying about stamping your own image on anything from envelope backs to favor bags.

Order a stamp pre-made for you from an artist that can create an image from a photo or a silhouette.  

Custom stamp


Wine education
Pre-wedding time is a great time to learn more about wine. (Especially if getting married in wine country. Vinography writer and wine expert Alder Yarrow has created this gorgeous book, The Essence of Wine.

Essence of Wine from Alder


Looking for something more whimsical?  “The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert” is a clever collaboration from wine expert Robert Betts and Wendy McNaughton helps you find what you like.

Scratch and sniff 


All wine enthusiasts will tell you, the best way to learn more about wine is to drink it. Consider signing up the bride for a wine club that will bring her educational bottles month after month. The Clos Pegase  wine club offers a lovely selection of bottles every month – along with wine discounts on additional orders.



Choosing holiday gifts for brides and grooms at the most exciting times in their lives is so rewarding.

What are you asking Santa for this year?




Table décor at wine country weddings encompasses many styles. To narrow it down, hallmarks of wine country style include rustic wood, elegant food and luxurious settings in a natural environment. We take inspiration from the outdoors with natural colors and textures. We take inspiration from wine country luxury with rich materials and sparkle.

If you’re planning a wedding in wine country or you’re inspired by wine country style, the best place to start planning a wine-country-themed table top is Pinterest. Explore their wine wedding centerpieces for a broad overview of all things wine to place on your table.

Rustic table décor usually includes colors from nature – browns, greens and purples – as well as textured elements like twine and raw wood.  Cork’s texture is prevalent in wine country rustic – and Addicted2Decorating rounds up tons of great ideas for cork crafting.

From Lil Blue Boo comes this  whimsical cork giraffe — its form will inspire conversation and depending how big you go, could bring an element of height to your table.

 Wine Cork Giraffe from Lil Boo Blue

 A rustic champagne bar? Yes please. This champagne bar from The Lane, incorporates elements of rusticity, yes, but also luxury.


Paint will always elevate wine bottles to another level. Here, Cleverly Inspired adds texture and bling.  Although this was for a Christmas display, this technique could bring some sparkle to your wine country centerpiece.


Modern and sculptural, A Practical Wedding shares these DIY geometric block centerpieces, a wonderful way to share any sentiment from LOVE to ROMANCE to FOREVER.


Gilding anything is luxurious in my book – whether it’s fruit, like this fruit centerpiece or painted wine bottles. These gold spray painted bottles from Homey Oh My bring a sparkly element to your table – and inexpensive as well!


In wine country, we take our centerpieces seriously. Rustic, refined, elegant and luxurious, all to celebrate your love. These can also inspire table décor for the holidays.  How would you decorate your wine country inspired table?




Whether it’s because the rates are cheaper or the vacation days lined up right, a cooler season are a wonderful time to have a wedding. The fall foliage can provide a beautiful backdrop and the seasonal menu options give you tons of options.

In Napa Valley, the temperatures can get down into the forties once the sun drops down below the Sonoma Mountains. We’ve put together some stylish ways to make sure your guests stay warm and cozy when they’re celebrating your love.

Hand Warmers

Hand Warmer DIY
These DIY Hand Warmers are cute and useful!

 Hand Warmer

Once Wed shares a modern wool handwarmer that can be matched to any color combination.


 Basket of Blankets

A big basket of blankets makes for an impressive visual presentation – while remaining a practical favor for chilly guests.

Cozy bench blankets
Put out on these rustic benches, these winter charmers from Kimberly Kay Photo are not only stylish, it’s practical. We love the sign for seating!


 Firepit with all the trimmings

From Erica Camille Productions,  we get to see a beautiful use of a fire pit for post-ceremony warmth.

Hot Drinks

 Winter Wedding Ideas - Hot Cocoa bar

(Photo by Two Auer Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs.)

Winter wedding favors found on The Sweetest Occasion show all the ways you can display a hot cocoa bar at your big event.

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Mulled Wine could be a spicy, cozy way to keep your guests toasty at the end of the night. You could make an adorable favor — these gorgeous little mulled wine bags - for your guests to take home.

 Mulled Wine Bags


The world of patio heaters has changed over the last few years. You can now find heaters more hidden from sight. Or, ones that look like giant lamps. Your rental company should have some great options, but remember you’ll want one heater for roughly every 20 feet of space.

Cozy, cool weather weddings are fun to attend, and with such an unusual option of stylish options, you can keep your guests cozy late into the night.


Just because there are only two of you at home doesn’t mean that dinner means ordering pizza or snacking on hummus. With a small bit of effort, you can make something romantic. Today, we’re sharing our favorite cozy dinners for two.  We also added some bonus wine pairings.


Before a marathon show viewing

Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice from Shutterbean

When you and your honey can’t wait to spend the next four hours engrossed in a whole season of Sherlock, Mad Men or Orphan black, it’s best to eat your dinner in a bowl.  Shutterbean’s Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice is the perfect couchside dinner for plot twists and chase scenes. We like to eat it with an extra large napkin, cross-legged on the couch to make the most of our time.

  • Pair it with Lady La Femme - the bubbles will cut right through the richness of the coconut rice.


A regular Tuesday

Scallops from Williams Sonoma

Sometimes, it’s just, well, Tuesday. And for any regular Tuesday, this dish from Williams Sonoma of scallops with arugula angel hair pasta is fast, delicious and just a little luxurious (Bonus: if you have frozen scallops, most of the ingredients are already in your pantry.)


Working Late

Tortilla Pizza from Serious Eats

Whether it’s because of a big presentation or good old fashioned procrastinating, sometimes work comes home with you. When that’s the case,  this cast iron tortilla pizza from Serious Eats is just the ticket. Serve it with a ready-made Caesar salad and you can be back to your Powerpoint in 20 minutes flat.

  • After you’re done, sneak a leftover piece paired with Clos Pegase Origami  - a red wine blend with balanced tannins to pair well with the cheesy saltiness of the pizza.


When you’re celebrating

Steak Au Poivre from Zestuous

Good news comes in many forms for couples. Our favorite way to celebrate is with a special meal. So make sure that promotion, compliment or stroke of good luck is acknowledged! This romantic dish of Steak Au Poivre is delicious and can be whipped up in only 30 minutes.


This time of year is perfect for cozy dinners – and we hope we got you started.

What are your favorite dinners for two?
Please share in the comments!



We are so lucky in California’s wine country. Local, seasonal, fresh are absolutely normal adjectives that are the norm for fine dining. Thankfully, today more farms inspire top caterers — for menus that everyone can eat. 

In autumn, seasonal fare is bountiful — squash soups, slow roasted meats, deep colored vegetables, As you work with your caterer to refine your menu, of course your tastes come first.  Martha Stewart shares tips for planning a wedding menu – The Kitchn reminds us that it can be trickier than we might expect.

Stumped on how to tell your guests what they’re eating? These menus would be lovely in any wine country wedding, no matter the cuisine.

Of course, we here at Monogamy adore this menu from a backyard wedding in Wisconsin. It’s printed on a wine label! We love this brilliant way to save precious table space, and create conversation. Photography from Hitch and Sparrow.

Menu on a Wine Bottle, brilliant!

From Modernly Wed, this modern menu, with a straightforwardly modern typeface, makes an elegant appearance on a traditional table. 


From Snippet and Ink, we discovered that hanging your menu from a vintage cutting board is the perfect way to let your guests know what’s for dinner.

Vintage Cutting Board

On Wedding Chicks, this rustic wood buffet menu is made elegant with friendly white handwriting.

Handwritten Wood Board Wedding Menu

You can purchase this stunning wedding table art set from Etsy – sophisticated vintage look could inspire your entire wedding’s color palette.

Art Deco Menu on Etsy

Anastasiya Belik Photography created an inspiration shoot featured on Burnetts Boards with fall’s color combinations — berries for miles. combines an array of berry tones in an impossible elegant way. The gold and plum are an incredibly luxurious pairing.

Plum and Gold menu featured on Burnett's Boards


We love to see wedding menus of all kinds — we want to know — how did you come up with your wedding menu?


Weddings in our part of the world are nearly always inspired by wine.

From the deep purples of a Cabernet Sauvignon to the shine of a golden chardonnay, these colors look beautiful on a table top. Inspired by wine on the table, we created a round up of all the best wine-inspired tabletops for all of your autumn events.

From the Pottery Barn wedding blogthis rustic vineyard wedding in Savannah, Georgia incorporates rustic elements for an elegant effect.

Rustic Cake from Pottery Barn

Lavender flowers on this table from Style Me Pretty bring the table a more delicate air.

Style Me Pretty Lavender

Of course we at Monogamy Wine are predisposed to this luxurious tabletop — Colin Cowie shows us how to incorporate black and white in all our decor.

Colin Cowie Hamptons wedding

This collection of images from a white Hampton’s wedding sets our luxury meter to high.

Speaking of black and white, this curiouser and curiouser Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding at Clos Pegase Winery incorporates black and white and red all over. We love the gorgeous imagery from talented photographer Karenscape.

 Wine glasses at Clos Pegase Winery

We want to see your tabletop inspiration – how will you set your table?


Autumn’s slight chill and rustic coziness gives us a ton of inspiration for planning fall weddings. In wine country, fall wedding color palettes work with the rusts, golds and browns in the vineyard. We put together three color palettes, Fall Brights, Cool Blues and Inspired by Light that work with all of autumn’s many moods.


Fall brights


Just because you’re planning a fall wedding doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a pumpkin-spiced color palette. This Al Fresco California Bohemian wedding from a shoot on the The Sweetest Occasion brings brights to an outdoor table.

Al Fresco Bohemian Wedding Featured on The Sweetest Occasion

Pinterest was made for color palettes - this pinboard from @lifeofleodesign shares colorful wedding ideas that stay true to the season’s charm.

Pinterest Screengrab Autumn Brights

Cool Blues

In wine country, we get inspiration from fat purple grapes for autumn events. From BHG - this cluster of berries brings a cool rustic feeling to the table.

Inspired by Light

Wedding photographers’ web sites offer images from people skilled at capturing light. Here, from Neal and Saskia Photography, the sun streams through barn skylights for natural perfectionPhotography from

It’s a toss up — whether the best thing about having a wine country wedding in the fall is the natural decor or the light. This image photographed by Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoes takes our breath away.

Green Wedding Shoes

Want to create your own palette from an unusual source? For color palette generation, nothing beats Colourlovers.


From palettes pulled from flower bouquets to colors straight from brightly watercolored invitations, we love having the tools to make our own.

Where do you get your fall color palette inspiration?


About Helen Jane Hearn

I’m Helen Jane Hearn, proud Wine Sisterhood member and big fan of weddings. I’ll be the author of the Monogamy Wines blog – and I couldn’t be more excited.


I’ve written at my personal blog since 1998 about digital culture and home entertaining. In other places, I wrote for Serious EatsHome Made SimpleWomen and Co.Style United and Amex OPEN Forum. Ladies Home Journal named me one of the 16 women who made the world a happier place last year (that sounds pretty good to me).


During the week, you’ll find me writing for the wine industry as a certified specialist of wine (CSW). I also founded a cheese club, and co-captain my bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce with my husband.


Eleven years ago, my husband and I married in wine country ourselves. I am infaturated with wine country wedding style. I love how weddings in our part of the world creatively blend the outdoors with luxury.


My personal mission is to inspire creativity through celebration and I’m eager to do it with you. Thanks for joining me as we explore wine culture, romance and matrimony for Monogamy wine.


Last October, our Wine Sister Cassie Helton (formerly Wurtz) held her dream wedding in Napa Valley Wine Country. We’re happy to share scenes and memories from her big day at the Beaulieu Gardens in Rutherford, CA with you.



We interviewed Cassie to get an inside peek at what goes into planning a wine country wedding.


Monogamy: What was it about wine country – and October – that made you choose them for your wedding?


Cassie: Fall is hands down, my absolute favorite time of the year and Napa is gorgeous during the harvest. It was a no brainer!



Monogamy: Were you nervous about having your wedding outdoors? What kind of “plan b” did you have just in case the weather wasn’t ideal?


Cassie: It was topic that I felt like, if we talk about it or worry about it, then it would be a factor. There were no guarantees and when we set the date, we just sort of pulled the trigger and hoped for the best! I think there was talk of tents as a worse case scenario, but the team of vendors that we had were so great, and they knew the venue so well that I knew whatever happened, it would still be fabulous. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue.



Monogamy: Looking back, is there anything you would change?


Cassie: Absolutely not. Planning the wedding and all the little details that went into it was so much fun and to see it all turn out exactly how you had hoped makes it all worth it!



Monogamy: If you could share one piece of advice with someone planning a wedding in wine country, what would it be?


Cassie: Hmm… This may not be a wine country specific answer, but I think planning a wedding in any outdoor venue, you should be flexible on your date, have at least an idea of what  the weather is like during the time of year, know that even if you’re a meteorologist you could get it wrong, and just hope for the best!


Monogamy: Could you give us a few words that come to mind about each of the following photos?



Cassie: Ok, I think this picture is adorable now. But honestly, any picture taken pre ceremony, my stomach was a wreck with nerves!!



Cassie: I love this picture because we’re both so calm and relieved that it is all done, and we can just enjoy the party. This was one of the last pictures taken of the night, and we’ve both been dancing and finally getting to relax.



Cassie: Such a lovely night. All of our best friends gathered at the head table and the food was delicious!



Cassie: Gorgeous.